We want to discover

new places and new photo-friends, including those who don’t have a “K” in their follower count. We want to be part of a group and a community, but don’t need to be the center of attention.

We are curious

about all types of photography and image-making. We love cameras but we’re not gear snobs. We are just as passionate about film photography as we are about iPhone snaps.

We value process

over perfection and serendipity over staged shots. We like getting to know the personality of a place instead of imposing our own personality on it.

We are inspired

by everyday moments and our own neighborhoods just as much as epic travel adventures. We love learning from masters and exploring new styles.

We like to have fun.

We don’t take our photography — or ourselves — too seriously. And we think every photo outing requires at least one snack break.

Everyone is welcome.

And we actually mean that.